Bringing group video chat to Slack.


Solo, ONE day SPRINT


Teams love using Slack to message and share files with each other. But often times messaging isn't enough when teams aren't in the same room. Current solutions for group video chat are limited, and Slack is in the sweet-spot for solving this problem.


I researched what tools teams use to video chat with their colleagues. I found that Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting are popular options. I focused on a design that would accommodate teams of 4-6 people.

Google Hangouts


While current tools suffice in bringing teams together virtually, they don't work well with their established communication channels, like Slack. By bringing group video chat to Slack, teams don't need to use another service to continue communicating.

I got my ideas out in my notebook, then went to higher fidelity designs on the computer.

Final Design

Accept a meeting invitation to get started.

The meeting will appear in your sidebar under your channels.

After opening the meeting, a chat room shows on the left with the presentation area next to it.

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People in the meeting can share files through chat, share their screen, or simply talk through their webcam. Meetings can be recorded for later reference.


To take this project further, I would like to do user testing on various prototypes to find the ideal feature-set to augment Slack meetings. I would also like to explore how large team meetings might be approached differently.

I'm interning on the XD team at Adobe for the summer. I study Interaction Design in San Francisco at California College of the Arts. You can find me on Twitter & LinkedIn or email me at [email protected]. Here's my resume.